How to Prepare Crab Legs and Lobsters?

Many individuals assume that preparing crab legs and lobster tails is difficult; however these meals can be prepared within minutes and in different ways. Cooking crab legs and lobsters is something unexpected in most households and people prefer enjoying these meals in restaurants. It is advisable for one to purchase King crab or lobsters in trusted store to ensure selling high quality and fresh sea food. Precooked or frozen lobsters or crabs are mostly bought since they do not lose their freshness. This sea food deliciously can be either boiled , steamed, baked or even grilled .Most chefs say that the art to achieving a good end product while preparing crab legs and lobster tails is using the appropriate portions of ingredients. To ensure the information that you have read about seafoods is very important,  visit the official lobster website .

When boiling you place enough water in pan to cover the entire lobster tail or crab legs. One should and a tables spoon of salt per every quart of water. It is very important to know that like most sea foods crabs and lobsters and mostly salty so little amounts of salt should be used unlike other meals. Bring the water to boil then the next step includes adding the thwarted crab legs or lobster tails. Let the water return to boil and then simmer. Set your timer to ten minutes. After the ten minutes are up rinse the crab legs or lobster tails and serve while hot.

Baked crabs and lobster are said to retain a lot of juices in them. The first step involves preheating the oven to 375 degrees .use a heavy pair of scissors to cut through the top hard shell on the legs and tail. Using your fingers ensure that you separate the meat from the shell. And thus the meat is exposed for cooking. The next step involves seasoning and brushing the meat keenly with butter and lemon juice to give it a perfect flavor. Go ahead and place the crab legs or the lobsters in the oven for fifteen minutes. For lobsters the oven temperatures can be increased up to 450 degrees. It is important to add butter to add butter between the shell and the meat if you left them attached. Get attached to us now and learn some lesson about the crab legs click here .

Steaming is mainly known as the most reliable means of preparing a lobster meal. Steaming is done in a steamer or simply a pan with a cover. This procedure involves adding two inches of water equivalent to three cup full then add a teaspoon of salt and heat to boil. Secondly add the crab legs or lobster tail into the water and steam for ten minutes. Serve with lemon or seasoning for better tasting.

Lobster tails and also crab legs can also be enjoyed grilled. Again you need to use pliers or scissors to separate the meat from the shell. Place them in water for 10 minutes to prevent them from sticking to the grill as you warm up the grill to medium heat. Grill for five to ten minutes turning them as you baste with butter every few minutes. Learn more about seafood options .